How It Works

Seamless integration with your website

As a new oil supplier utilising Oil Checkout, you will supply us with your delivery postcodes in either a single group, or you may choose to break down your pricing structure into different regions. Whatever you specify, we will then create an account that you can use to log in and manage your postcodes, access products and pricing and ultimately process your orders from. Once we have created your account and added your postcodes, you will be ready to start adding your products.

Oil Checkout display on your website

There are two features from Oil Checkout that can appear on your website.  Customers may use an Instant Quote box that posts a search to the ordering portal. This is placed on your home page or any other page that you wish. This is the most eye-catching way to get your customers to order.

Along with the Instant Quote box will be the ordering portal itself which displays their search results and delivers all of the Oil Checkout content to your website.  This window will include everything the customer will need to register as a new customer, place heating oil orders, manage their account and view their order history.

Fully-featured and self-contained

All of the features normally used when ordering heating oil will be accessible from the main ordering portal window that your customers will see when they visit your website.  This includes searching for heating oil prices, registering as a new customer, and checking out with a payment card.  The portal also enables your customers to access their customer account where they can manage their account details and order history.

Once the customer has completed their order, they will receive an order notification email (and so will you).  From there, you will log into your supplier area and process payment details.  Once complete, the customer will receive a “payment taken” email.

Customer card payment security

All customer payment details are stored in an encrypted format on our server and are deleted permanently from the system as soon as you as a supplier have processed the payment.  This ensures the highest level of privacy and fraud prevention. Our commitment to 100% secure ordering is our top concern.

How easy is it to manage?

When you utilise an Oil Checkout ordering system, included will be a simple and straightforward Administration Panel that you will use to manage your orders, customers, products and postcodes.  Also included will be some handy reports so you can  see who is searching for what on your website every day. We can assure you that managing your Oil Checkout portal will be a breeze.  We are also there to assist you with any technical queries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you have any questions.

14 Day Guarantee

Although we doubt you’ll be anything but pleased with Oil Checkout, we want you to be totally satisfied, so we offer a 14 day money back refund period if you are not satisfied.

Pricing and Contact

To find out about Oil Checkout pricing or have further queries, click here to visit our pricing page or contact us at with any query you have.

See a Live Example and Testimonials

Click here to view our examples and testimonials page.  These are live websites with Oil Checkout portals and 100% real, unbiased comments from the oil suppliers who utilise them.